Mutations at the gene level make the treatment less effective asthma

It is known that one of the methods of prevention of asthma attacks in children is the constant wearing of a nebulizer. But research Professor Medical school Brighton and Sussex Somnath Mukhopadhyay revealed that the inhalers can not only refuse at the most inopportune moment, but also cause deterioration. According to the Professor, in the UK have identified several thousand children who carry an inhaler for asthma with steroid by means of long-term actions Salmeterolo as an inhaler with Ventalina, which must immediately relieve an attack, not helping them, writes the newspaper the Telegraph.

But, despite the presence of the second inhaler, every seventh child he is not helping. This is the fault of a specific gene. But today, it has become possible to identify this gene, having the usual analysis of the saliva of the child. This discovery has changed radically children with asthma, as well as the practice of doctors treating them, says Professor Mukhopadhyay. Regarding the second inhaler can say that in the case of Salmeterol its action is possible only if it is bound to beta-2 receptor. But because mutations in this molecule at the genetic level, in some patients, the binding does not occur.

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The analysis of the 62 children who have been identified above mutation, showed that those children who used inhalers with steroids means, in any case, addressed to the doctor. Half of them used Salmeterol, and the other half new bronchodilatory drug called Montelukast. In the beginning, one-third of the children used the inhalers every day because they occurred attacks. But after a year ,half of the children who used Montelukast was identified significant rate of improvement. This is because this drug selectively inhibits CysLT1 receptors in the respiratory system. It turns out that in order to achieve results, it is necessary to determine how the current standard therapy from the genetic point of view.

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