Mustard anti-aging

Scientists from the Institute of Plants for human health revealed that in the mustard contains sterility that cause effects similar to anabolic steroids, but with minimal side effects.

In the plant of the mustard contains Homobrassinolide, produce an anabolic effect, which increases appetite, helps in building muscle and also increase the number of muscle fibers.

Scientists hope that steroids mustard will one day be able to secure alternative means to combat age-related diseases, and is associated with aging is the loss of muscle that can be used to improve endurance and physical performance.

In the future, the researchers hope to learn to play the connection Homobrassinolide mustard artificially creating supplements that will help to prevent physical malfunction

Scientists gave rats daily for 24 days Homobrassinolide oral. Analysis of changes in their body was measured using x-ray apparatus, muscular body weight of rats increased significantly. Rats, just taking food with high content of protein, did not show such significant results.

However, scientists warn consumers to buy mustard in order to lose weight and build muscle. Only drugs on the basis of the extract steroids from mustard capable of becoming the basis of drugs against muscle atrophy and deal with many other problems.

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