Music will help to preserve hearing in old age

Music lesson favorably affect brain development. Scientists have noted that developing creativity, activate certain areas of the cortex. Playing most of the instruments requires coordination and concentration, and constant study of new works trains the memory of a man who is deeply interested in music.

Scientists northwestern University conducted research which found that playing musical instruments helps to keep hearing. This factor has a positive effect, even if the individual has mastered a musical instrument in childhood. Good hearing in old age allows us to better perceive foreign speech.

A well-known fact that with age, the organ of hearing clone to regression. Often this is associated with changes in the tympanic membrane and auditory ossicles. However, the constant music in childhood can beat this disease and save your hearing for a long time. Scientists say that is reduced with age and conduction in nerve fibers. These changes have an impact on the sound reaction. People just longer responds to the audio signal.

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Even the minimum delay in milliseconds can cause serious discomfort. This study, conducted by scientists, proves that people who have not studied music in childhood kept hearing function to the elderly. It is worth noting that none of them to date have not played musical instruments, and therefore music have prolonged positive effect.

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