Music therapy helps children to get rid of mental health problems

Researchers from Queen's University conducted an experiment involving 251 of the child, in order to establish the influence of music on the psyche of the younger organisms.

All children were diagnosed with behavior problems or mild mental disorders, says Zee News. Researchers divided participants into two groups. 123 children were prescribed course of music therapy and traditional treatment, the remaining 128 children were treated exclusively by traditional methods.

In trials it has been proven in the group assigned to music therapy children were less likely to have depressive symptoms compared to the group held regular psychiatric treatment. Among other things, in the "music" group children improved communication skills, which, according to scientists, is stored for a long time.

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Music therapy is one of the easiest ways to strengthen the psyche of both adults and children. Scientists are not the first time they say about the usefulness of music, however, the effectiveness of music therapy only now gained its scientific value.

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