Music increases the effectiveness of training

British Association Science in Sports and Exercise showed his conclusion about all the features of the use of music during exercise.

In our time has become commonplace use of music during the execution of various developmental, remedial and relaxation exercise. The choice of musical genre so far, just based on intuition rather than scientific approach. It is worth noting that not a large number of research works on this topic concluded that summarized the staff Association.

Scientists in their work discovered the conceptual aspects of the influence of music and normalized selection methods works. This gave the opportunity to bring the topic at a high level. Immediately after this, the following works adamantly argued the benefits of using music during sports activities, as fully provided for:

- complete distraction from any of the loads;

- adjustment of the switching characteristic of emotions and moods;

- activation of associations and other cognitive processes;

the desire for regularity of movements and so on.

All data response to the music provide a significant increase in abilities, strength, endurance, work. But the long-term effects in the positive direction have been little studied, but has already appeared in the accurate selection of exercise programs. It was very important in this work, it was studied medical recovery process.

Soon we can expect recommendations on the choice of music in the relaxation and preparation periods.

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