Music helps children to quench the pain and get rid of stress

According to scientists from Canada (University of Alberta), the sound of music help children forget about the pain and experiences. They are based on indicators that were obtained during the study of the 42 children from 3 to 11 years who were hospitalized. This information provided the source

Each child being treated in the Department of Pediatrics, received a dropper. Some children who were on the procedures, included music. Then canadian researchers measured the heart rate and set the level of pain perception. In addition, scientists have evaluated how parents react to what is happening and the work of medical personnel.

In the end of the experiment revealed that the children, which included music, felt the pain less. And some had noticed the absolute lack of stress during procedures. Also thanks to the music, and parents felt more calm, and the medical staff was not nervous and worked with greater confidence than those employees who the music is not listened to.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the best choice of music is classical, instrumental or folk. However, the best effect will be from the music that the patient prefers.

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