Daily listening to music is useful for the development of the vocal apparatus of the child. According to scientists from the University of Washington (Seattle, USA). Within recent studies, they established positive effect of music on cognitive abilities of newborns.

The experiment involved 39 children aged 9 months and their parents. Volunteers were divided into two groups. The first mother entertained their children every day with the help of toys, the second with the main sessions, the children listened to for 15 minutes a day of composition of classical music in the rhythm of waltz. At the same time the parents were tapping hands on knees.

After 12 such sessions, researchers measured the brain activity of children. It turned out that regular listening to music improves the functioning of the prefrontal cortex. This area, the researchers note, is responsible for the reproduction of speech. Moreover, "musical" children sharper perceived failure of the rhythm of the music or its shutdown.

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