Music changes the usual scheme of brain activity

Music lessons increase the amount of blood flowing to the left hemisphere. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Liverpool. In the study, they found that music produces in the human brain is pronounced positive effect. It's all in the coincidence of areas responsible for music and language. For jazz musicians, says Medical News Today, music is similar to a work written in their native language.

In the first phase of the study, the researchers tracked the schemes of brain activity in a 21-man. All music was completely different relationship. It has been established that music people generation music and speech was the same. People far from music, schemes differed.

In the second phase, researchers selected a group of volunteers not involved in music ever. The study of the brain was performed at the beginning of the experiment and after 30-minute music lessons (volunteers proposed to learn a simple melody). Immediately after the class schema speech and perception of music match.

It turns out that music has such a powerful impact on the person, and words. It stimulates the production of endorphins, improves mood, reduces depression symptoms.

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