Muscovites will be able to see the supermoon

October 16, Sunday, residents of the Moscow region will be able to witness SUPERLINE, according to This is reported by employees of the Moscow planetarium.

This supermoon is the first of 2016. The moon will be located as close as possible to the surface of the Earth. As a result, the satellite will be brighter and larger than usual.

To prevent the observations is the weather. Meteorologists promise on the night of October 16, cloudy weather with clearings. The temperature will not fall below plus three degrees.

Astronomers say that to observe the supermoon is around 144 times per day. The effect of this phenomenon on our planet has not, however, on the coasts of oceans are more strong tides.

The last time residents of the Moscow region watched the supermoon in September 2015. 28 September 2015, early in the morning, the Moon will approach the Earth as close as possible. Deep night it was possible to observe the satellite with a reddish hue.

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