Muscovites will be able to manage their insurance independently

Residents of the capital will soon have greater access to information on the volume rendered medical services and the real cost of patient care in institutions for the MMI system.

Service necessary to assess the quality and accessibility of medical care. To map the patient entered information on chronic diseases, passport data. This will help in the provision of emergency medical care.

"One of the important features of the service is the ability of the insured to independently verify and confirm the information about attaching it to the clinic and receiving healthcare services. If defects are found the possibility to inform mllos. Checking the correctness of the records on admission in a private office, every insured person will give a qualitative assessment of healthcare organisations and will be involved in the control of expenses of the Fund" - it is told in the report of MGTS.

In later stages of the development of the service plan to add sections on "health Diary" and "Personal calendar". With their help, you can schedule a visit with all necessary personnel and distribute them at a convenient time for the patient. For use of the site will need to enter the username and password for the Portal of public services.

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