Multivitamins can harm you in a surprising way

Taking multivitamins promotes a false sense of invulnerability that leads to more risky behavior and consequently damage their health.

Scientists from Taiwan conducted an experiment: 82 adult participant received placebo, but half of them were led to believe that the pill is a multivitamin. A week later, all participants filled out questionnaires about their propensities to different habits.

Those who believed that taking multivitamins, 44 percent more often noted that prone to casual sex, frequent exposure to the sun, like to drink and go to parties, also 61 percent of the group indicated that likes to visit fast food.

The researchers concluded that taking vitamins gives people a sense of security and even "invulnerability", vitamins can allow them to be lazy and less to keep track of health, which ultimately leads to more harm to him than good.

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