Multivitamin - money?

If you belong to the millions of people who daily use tablet multivitamins, scientists from the University of Nancy news for you - you are wasting money.

The six-year study, which was attended by over 8,000 people, allowed them to conclude that those who take multivitamins, are in the e risk of developing heart disease, cancer, and those who took a placebo.

Moreover, in health status between the two large groups no difference was observed. This is one of the most extensive studies on multivitamins and supplements.

Many adults believe that tablets vitamins will protect them from diseases, especially Alzheimer's disease, heart attacks and strokes. However, in the end, all spent on multivitamins money is wasted, the number of studies about the dangers of such additives little while, but the fact of their uselessness is proved.

After more than 8 thousand participants took the vitamins for more than six years, French scientists have measured the quality of life, mobility, mental health and other indicators. It turned out that the chance of developing serious diseases vitamins do not reduce. Among people who took vitamins, cancer or heart disease began to suffer 30, 5 percent of the participants, and among those who received placebo - 30, 4 percent. If the "vitamins" cases of heart disease was 65, the control group - 57.

The feeling that supplements make you healthier, by contrast, plays a cruel joke, because it makes people less to worry about their health and to neglect other important body points, like a restful sleep, for example.

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