MRI of the spine is the most effective and harmless way survey

MRI is one of the most popular, painless and informative examination of the human body. The main difference from other methods of diagnosis can be considered a high reliability of the obtained data, and the ability to identify the symptoms of the disease at very early stages.

Of course, magnetic resonance imaging has a number of contraindications. Chief among them is claustrophobic. The second place is the inability to maintain a static position of the body. For example, MRI of the spine in children is often combined with the introduction of sedation that allows you to keep still and thus ensure the reliability of the results.

In fact, this diagnosis is so precise that you can easily follow changes in individual cells. Often, according to surveys build a three-dimensional model, which allows you to see the big picture in the context of separate areas.

A huge plus compared to the classical methods of examination is the perfect harmlessness of this method. The device does not emit any negative radiation to human body. The whole procedure is based on the electromagnetic resonance of the cells of the human body. More details about the principle of operation of the scanner you can find

The procedure of examination of any part of the human body takes about 20 minutes. If you take, for example, say the spine, then this test is to:

Sometimes the purpose of increasing the value and improving the quality of diagnostics it is customary to use a contrast agent. It allows you to get a more detailed picture of the ongoing processes. In fact, injected into the veins of a special harmless substance. However, doctors do not recommend to use it to diagnose the condition in pregnant women.

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