Experts from Duke University conducted an experiment with laboratory mice and reveal some secrets related to the development of schizophrenia in humans. According to the new theory, there is a specific molecular mechanism that causes changes in the nerve cells and causing disease.

Mouse helped scientists to uncover the cause of the development of schizophrenia

Modern science is able to register three groups of changes in the brain of people with schizophrenia: the degradation and reduction of connections between neurons, increased activity of the temporal and frontal areas of the brain, impaired formation of neurotransmitters.

Scientists in the framework of the recent research has deleted in neurons protein Arp2/3, actin binding. The substance plays an important role in brain functioning. After that, the group of mice changed her behavior, which was similar to people with schizophrenia.

Perhaps the researchers were able to access the mechanism of the disease, and the protein Arp2/3 associated with schizophrenia. Now requires confirmation of the theory in other, more precise experiments.

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