Mother-in-law and mother-in - main causes of divorce

The number of marriages and divorces in the present time almost equally. Scientists have wondered what causes people to dissolve the marriage, and what drives their decision to divorce.

Only the survey polled 2,000 people. During analysis it was found that the main cause of the breakdown of family relationships is the opinion of close relatives. This cause of fires in 63% of cases of divorce. In most cases the gap is affected by the mother.

Mothers play not the last role in the family relations of their children. Criticism in the direction of the elect or chosen one own child affects the family and becomes the basis of scandals and misunderstandings. The coldness of her mother against son-in-law and a rejection of him as the lawful husband of the daughter also affects the heat and the degree of trust in the family.

Note, not always the opinion of relatives, plays a crucial role in building a family. In some cases the criticism is coming from parents can be justified. Some of the young couple thanked their parents for the wise advice, which helped them to build a complete family.

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