Most quickly lose weight people who believe that the process of losing weight has already gone

Most importantly, the right identity, say experts from the United States. They proved that people who think they are already thinner, much faster to cope with excess weight. In the fight against obesity, scientists believe, not last role is played by the psychological factor and the perception of their appearance. There is even an opinion that people who perceive themselves hopeless fatties will never be able to lose weight.

"The more people identify with a certain role, the more they begin to behave accordingly. Therefore, we need to consider ourselves already performed certain tasks, in this case switched to a healthy diet that will help to achieve this in reality," - say the authors of the study.

Scientists conducted an experiment involving 124 people, which was trying to influence by various methods. Some provided information on effective diets and exercises, other is constantly cheered on formed their correct psychological position, the third tried to lose weight on their own. The best results were achieved by the second group, which proves that the correct identity is extremely important in the fight against obesity.

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