Most of the time training goes to waste

Regular visits to the gym doesn't always mean that people there all the time spent in perfecting your body. 1000 people have agreed to take the survey, which found that a third of the time is spent on things with exercise are not related. For example, untangling headphones, talking with friends on sports, check cell phone, selecting the desired playlist in the player, The Daily Mail reports.

Respondents on average go to the gym for 2 hours 2-4 times a week. The average visitor to the club credit the third time on things that have nothing to do with training. The average duration of the workout is 40 minutes.

More than half of the respondents constantly distracted by the player, pick the right music, the third - spends a lot of time untangling headphones, 32 percent are constantly interrupted conversations. Recommendations fitness trainers are that you must deal with the selection of music and other things just before training, giving himself exercise fully, without being distracted by their gadgets.

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