Most men have a negative attitude towards female hair removal in the intimate area

Many consider intimate hygienic hair removal procedure. In addition, most women believed that the complete removal of hair is fully supported by men. However, the latest poll on the website of online pharmacy UK Medix have shown that this is not the case. Most men are indifferent to the presence or absence of hair in this area, according to Sowetan Live.

The survey was attended by about two thousand women. The study showed that half of the women do not shave hair in your intimate area. 62 percent believe that their sexual partner is not against the natural growth of hair and both of them are satisfied.

Another study conducted by the Nads, was to survey thousands of men. 43 percent said that they like the presence of pubic hair in its natural state. Have they expressed an opinion about intimate haircut. Men believe that hair should be slightly shortened form, to grow in the shape of a triangle and not to go beyond the bikini line. A small part of the respondents liked the "strip" or "Brazilian bikini"

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