Most men consider their attractive mother-in-law - statistics

Scientists conducted a survey of 1,500 men. More than half of respondents admitted that they secretly admire my mother-in-law. Every fourth man in the shower was in love with the mother-in-law, 31% of respondents thought that the mother of the spouse may reciprocate, writes The Hindustan Times.

One man in six believed my mother in law cuter than his second half. 80% of the relationship with the mother went perfectly. Every sixth man believed that the mother-in-law dresses more stylish than his wife. Almost 70% said they would be happy if their wife to remain as good as her mother.

The study refutes the opinion of the eternal conflict between men and mothers-in-law. Modern women age 50 have many good qualities. They take care of themselves and have the confidence in themselves and their beauty.

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