Moscow will earn the emergency psychiatric care

At this point in the experiment, the project is already working in two districts of the city. In the near future it is planned to launch a system of urgent psychiatric care throughout Moscow.

"We are talking about those situations when there is a deterioration of our patients, but the severity of the changes does not reach an extent that requires emergency response. The arrival of the brigade at a maximum within two hours," says chief psychiatrist of Moscow George Kostiuk.

Psychiatric patients sometimes present a danger to themselves and others. Special medical teams rapid response should reduce the number of unpleasant incidents with mentally ill people who are in acute condition.

Draws attention Kostyuk and on the prevalence of mental illness. About 1% of people on earth suffers from schizophrenia. Another part has bipolar disorder and a number of other pathologies. It is necessary to monitor the situation and try to control mentally ill people. The safety of citizens above all else.

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