Moscow polyclinics change their mode of operation

Young people often combine several works and physically will not have time to monitor their own health. Polyclinic №166 decided to adjust to the needs of patients and allocated two hours a day for patients under the age of 55 years for women and men up to 60 years. Especially for them, given one hour from 8 to 9 am and one hour in the evening (from 19: 00 to 20: 00). At this time are only accepted in this population.

Experiment other clinics received a mixed reception. Many issues remain unresolved: the distribution of patient flow, disturbing to the elderly. Experts say the need of optimizing the operating time for each specific clinic.

"About 35-40% of Muscovites and residents of other large cities in Russia there are more than 9 hours a day. The first reason people combine several works. This applies to both unskilled workers and intellectuals. In big cities perk easier to find, so there are such people more. The second reason is that many irregular working hours, this is especially true for office workers. They do not have time to perform their duties officially in a timely manner and often go home at 9-10 PM" - commented researcher of the Institute of complex social studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Leonty Byzov.

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