Moscow pharmacies are going to penalize you for high drug prices

Raising the prices of drugs included in the list of vitally important controversial topic on the background of the crisis. The authorities of the city of Moscow is planning to penalize pharmacies and suppliers, unreasonably overestimating drug prices. For legal entities manipulate pricing punishable by a fine in the amount of 50 thousand rubles or disqualification for three years.

Now prices are followed by the Prosecutor's office and the Federal service. In the near future control in the pharmacy networks will become stronger as Mosgorstat will receive new powers. To convict a company in the manipulation of pricing, the court appeal is not necessary.

"Pharmacies operating on the common system of taxation should apply a markup to the cost of the goods excluding VAT. For example, the drug should 485 rubles without VAT. It falls into the category of essential drugs to 500 rubles, and adds a margin to 28% of its value. Those who work under the simplified scheme or pay the single tax on imputed income, you can calculate the premium from the price including VAT. In this case, the drug would cost 500 rubles, and should apply surcharge of up to 15%", - commented the Executive Director of the Pharmacy Guild Elena Nevolin.

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During inspections do not always take into account these aspects. The last joint review revealed a number of violations in the field of pricing of medicines.

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