Moscow drug users get the drug from a lethal overdose

The city plans to hand out free antidote overdose of drugs all drug addicts. Perhaps this innovation will help to reduce the number of deaths associated with heroin and other drugs. The idea is simple: if a man can't help himself, he helps others. A similar measure in 2011, was introduced in Toronto. There are drug addicts not only get "emergency kit", but also attend courses. They tell the doctors how to recognize symptoms of overdose.

"Issue of antidote drug will significantly reduce mortality among such patients. It is clear that the antidote is a kind of ambulance for drug addicts if you happen to overdose. But it is also very important that the drug was treatment adherence. It is necessary to treat drug addicts and to prevent drug use among the population. I am absolutely sure that drug testing should be mandatory. After we turn in the clinical examination of these tests, the addiction levels will be much lower," says Lyudmila Stebenkova, the Chairman of the Commission on health and public health.

It is important to maintain anonymity when issuing the antidote, says the psychiatrist-narcologist and the member-correspondent of Academy mediko-engineering science of the Russian Federation Vasily Inc. Only a small part of addicts with the passport go for the first aid kit. There's an obvious solution is to distribute the antidote through pharmacies.

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