Moscow clinics were transferred to the strengthened mode from-for flu

Polyclinics of the capital started to work six days a week and increased the intake of patients. Now on her own to visit the clinic until 20:00 and to call the doctor at home before 17:00. In hospitals received the full amount of antiviral drugs for the prevention and treatment of influenza and SARS.

Just one week incidence of SARS and influenza increased by a third. At the moment, in Moscow there were almost 100 thousand cases of the disease, of which 60 thousand cases of the disease in children.

Doctors insist on vaccination. This is one of the few ways to prevent the flu, they say. In Moscow this year we managed to vaccinate nearly six million people. If to vaccination there are clear contraindications, it is best in the acute phase to observe precautions: less use of public transport during peak hours, carefully wash hands, face after walking regularly at home wet cleaning.

Note, the epidemic threshold is exceeded not only in Moscow region but also in other regions of Russia, mainly to Central. Doctors suggest that the epidemic is gaining momentum, I advise you to take precautions and if you suspect an infection, promptly consult a doctor.

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