Moscow clinic is passionate about deception

In Moscow the staff of the clinics was caught in deception, they have increased the number of patients served. This is stated in the "Russian news service", which transmits the words spoken at the meeting of the Commission of Moscow city Council Leonid Pechatnikov, head of the health capital of the Department.

He believes that some clinics because the existing system of funding increase the number of patients, with the goal of increasing revenues. He is not calling the medical establishment told that there is a medical specialist who takes a day 159, the average time to the reception which was 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

In this regard, Printers suggested to change the system of financing health clinics. The amount of funds in his opinion, should depend on the number of people attached to the land, but not on the number of visits.

RIA Novosti reported that Printers also questioned and no need for insurance companies to be included in the compulsory health insurance system. He explained that today unclear role in the system of obligatory insurance of insurance companies. It turns out that they are only intermediaries.

In 2012 in the month of March the Russian doctors announced his dissatisfaction with the new system of financing health-care institutions. The accumulated claims doctors expressed during the discussion in the group, titled "Opinions on health care, in social network Facebook.

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