Moscow "ambulance" is still free

The ambulance service in Moscow remains free for Muscovites and guests of the capital and foreign citizens, even in the absence of voluntary health insurance.

According to first Deputy head of the Department of health of Moscow Nikolay Pevunova, since the beginning of this year the Moscow emergency care began to work on the basis of compulsory health insurance, but ambulance services remain free. According to official of the municipality, any person who will need medical care will receive it.

Volume provided free medical care will remain the same, and today the capital serves 1119 ambulance, RBC

They will be joined by state teams, which will work in the framework of voluntary medical insurance. No fees for the exit side of the patient is not expected - all will be compensated by the insurance company.

Patients who have supplementary health insurance, can call an ambulance by dialing a special phone in a separate paragraph, located on the ambulance, but not intersecting in a common number "03" and to them will drive state team.

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As for the paid ambulance, it will serve the entertainment and commercial activities. Currently 5 of them, and in the spring it is planned to increase this number to 20-and. According to Pevunova, no additional advantages, including accelerated arrival or superior car, pay the ambulance will not be

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