Mortality from obesity has increased and is 6th

Disappointing statistics published by the United group of scientists from 50 countries. Obesity reduces the global population is almost three times more lives than hunger.

For anybody not a secret that obesity in these days is becoming threatening. The number suffering from overweight is growing every day. Medicine raises the alarm on this issue and encourages people to limit yourself to eating excess calories and fatty foods. Nutritionists sounded sad statistics, a large part of humanity not only abuses in the food, but also became much less mobile.

Mortality from obesity in the world ranking released on 6th place. But death from malnutrition holds its position consistently on the 8th place. It should be noted that this statistic doesn't include some countries on the African continent, where deaths from hunger and diseases associated with it, holds the key position.

In our age of high technology and infrastructure of countries and cities, science and, in particular medicine, developed by leaps and bounds, which contributes to the prolongation of human life. But these positive results are not far behind and the increase in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Rose and rejuvenated mortality from these diseases, and they are directly linked to obesity.

To date, the primary goal for people is a healthy lifestyle are less likely to eat junk food and move more.

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