Mortality from injuries in traffic accidents decreased by a third

Deputy Minister of health and social development Veronika Skvortsova said at the conference "the Northern dimension", which over the past five years, the mortality of the population of Russia decreased by 11 percent. This includes the reduction of mortality from injuries in case of accident by 30 percent.

During the last months of 2011, the mortality rate fell from 14, 5 percent to 13.5, and the mortality rate from stroke declined by 12, 1 percent.

As the majority of road traffic accidents caused by driving in a drunken state, Veronika Skvortsova stressed the importance of government programs aimed at reducing the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

Since 2007, the alcohol consumption per capita fell by three liters is a significant figure, and the number of accidental poisonings decreased by 30 percent.

The concept of healthy nutrition also received his incarnation. Since 2009 work health centers where free screening of the health status of nasienia, and all suffering from obesity is totally free to develop an individual diet.

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