Morning exercises for weight loss

Achieving your ideal weight is certainly associated with the transition to a healthy diet combined with physical activity. Physical activity in the morning will not only help in the struggle with weight, but also gives a charge of vivacity for the entire day. Morning exercise is a great way to enrich the body with oxygen and additional endorphins.

Charging can be started right in bed: simple movement will trigger the metabolic processes that will palgut to lose weight during the day. Jump up at the alarm is extremely harmful, it is better to have a few minutes to spare.

Not getting out of bed, you can perform stretching and twisting.

The basic rules for charging

The weight will leave you only with a regular workout.

Make the most diverse and multi-faceted training program, before you get bored.

Charging slimming similar to conventional charging, the main difference between a short period between sets.

Not necessarily to start charging immediately getting out of bed, you can simply choose a period of 1.5 - 2 hours after a meal, which is convenient to you.

After 15-20 minutes after exercise can grab a bite to eat.


Running in place, raising your knees for 30 seconds. Four steps on the inhale, four on the exhale.

Lifts the pelvis from the floor position with your knees bent lying on your back.

Raise legs to 90 degrees from the prone position.

Lunges, very effective for hip exercise.

Rhythmic retraction and protrusion of the abdominal wall.

Deep squats performed on the exhale.

It is important not to tire yourself extremely and after exercise to feel courage.

Scientifically proven the effectiveness of Jogging in the struggle with weight. Yes the results will not be instant, but running is always available tool in the struggle to shape.

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Develop your tempo run and lose weight for the benefit of the whole organism.

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