More than one third of the European population suffer from mental disorders

Almost 165 million people of the European population (equivalent to 38 percent of the total population) suffer from various disorders - depression, anxiety, insomnia or dementia, such conclusion has been large-scale study by researchers from the Dresden University.

Mental illness is the cause enormous economic and social burden, treatment costs budgets mill in hundreds of billions of euros. In the 21st century in Europe it was a mental illness has become the largest public health problem.

At the same time a large part of the research funding in health care focused on neuroscience, and methods of dealing with the basic types of disorders are studied on a secondary basis.

Mental illness is a major cause of disability and mortality related causes worldwide, the world Health Organization gave a forecast that by 2020 mental disorders will become the second most prevalent disease in the world.

The last major study of brain disorders among the population of Europe has identified only 27 percent of the total surveyed.

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