More than half of women believe thin models attractive

Scientists from Baylor University conducted a study involving 239 women. It turned out a model looks and skinny models in high esteem by the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. A quarter of women believe the model ugly ideals, only 45% agreed that the figure of perfect models. This writes The Hindustan Times.

Advertising underwear and dresses did not act on women who didn't like skinny models. For advertising of certain products, experts say, you need to use images of ordinary women with a standard figure.

Note that in France recently for review issued a law banning skinny models in the modeling industry. If the body mass index of girls is below the set value, it can be removed from the activity. Modern standards of beauty bordering on serious diseases. Not every woman can weigh 52-55 pounds and feel great. And health, as we know, comes first and is the basis of true beauty.

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