More than half of the visitors to the gym can spread dangerous infections

Doctors warn: the gym can lead to bad consequences. According to The Daily Mail, the study shows that many involved non-compliance with hygiene rules, which the rest are under attack.

So, Nuffiеld Hеalth conducted a survey of 2000 people. Of these 74% were seen in the gym violated the relevant rules. For example, some tried to wipe the sweat off of the equipment. 22% because of this and the need for full nudity in the locker room there was an aversion to the practice.

In recognition of the almost 50% of respondents at the gym they were forced to use other people's things, including towels, bottles of water or sanitary facilities. Such practices contribute to the infection of disease, including flu and fungal infections.

According to the expert Sarah Marsh, dangerous pathogens surround us daily. It is known that the transmission of bacteria contribute to dirty hands. As a result of direct contact with the subject already infected, is a bacterial infection. These subjects are and the surface of the simulator.

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18% of the respondents visited the hall of rooting this cold, suffering from coughing and sneezing. And more than a third during training did not resort to the use of deodorant and wearing socks. Training clothing 16% of respondents did not abrade them between visits.

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