More than half of the doctors are professional burnout syndrome

Professional stress affects the attitude towards their work and contributes to the formation of chronic diseases. In the present study involved 700 physicians from the Rostov region. As it turned out, 63% of medical staff suffering from professional burnout syndrome.

The survey involved three groups of volunteers from the medical field. In the first group were the doctors of the Federal, regional medical institutions, clinics associated with the Rostov medical Institute. The second group took doctors municipal and city hospitals. In the third group were rural doctors.

In all groups, according to the survey, physicians are experiencing stress. Data vary a lot: from 51 to 63% depending on gender and group.

Constant stress leads to the burnout syndrome. More than half of doctors suffering from it. "Burnout syndrome" is expressed in a hidden aggressive attitude to the hospital staff and patients, unwillingness to communicate with patients and perform a full range of their responsibilities. The result is reduced quality of medical care.

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