More than half of Russians believe in the Kingdom of heaven

Over the last 20 years almost 2-fold increase in the number of Russians who believe in the Kingdom of heaven (over 50%), hell (49%) and religious wonders (52%). Comparing the situation with faith in 1991, we can say that if in those days, only 30% of citizens answered in the affirmative to questions about the presence of God, the evil eye, at the present time in these phenomena already believe more than half of the Russian population.

According to a survey by the Levada Center in response to the question, do you believe in the Kingdom of heaven, 22% of respondents said they believe there", 31% gave the answer "is likely to exist." Do not believe in the existence of the religious world of the saints 10% of respondents and 19% hold a negative opinion, they answered "likely does not exist". And if in 1991 the question, do you believe in heaven, 29% of residents of Russia difficult to answer, and in 2012 failed to cope with the answer to this question only 18% of respondents. In hell believe 49% of respondents do not believe 32% of respondents. At the same time, 52% of respondents confirmed their belief in religious miracles, 33% were denied their existence and were undecided 16% of respondents. Survey participants also had to answer the question of whether they believe in damage. That said Yes 59% of respondents, and a negative 28% of respondents. Not able to answer this question, 13% of participants sociological research.

In the survey participated 1601 person who has attained the age of 130 settlements and 45 regions of Russia.

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