Mood swings in teenagers is the norm, scientists say

For teenagers, this behavior should be considered normal. Young people can't cope with the excess of emotions, resulting in frequent changes of mood. If such manifestations persist after 18 years, you should go to a psychologist, according to scientists from the free University of Amsterdam.

The life of a teenager is hard. Here and learning problems, and new contacts with their peers, the first attempts to build a relationship with the opposite sex, says The Daily Mail. Not every adult will sustain such a stream of emotions. The scientists interviewed 474 teenagers from affluent families. The obtained results were compared with a group of juvenile delinquents.

Volunteers were asked to keep a diary and track your mood changes. It turned out that with age, the mood swings became less frequent, and the psyche has acquired the characteristics of stability. Apparently, by 17-18 years young people learn to cope with emotional extremes.

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