Monday 20 January - the saddest day of the coming 2014

Monday, January 20, is the saddest day of the year. Psychologists advise: you should not boot on this occasion. Third Monday of the month zagromozhdaet people a lot of problems.

Usually mid January this period are not very good weather. The holidays had come to an end, and the desire to work not appeared. In addition, some people for the Christmas holidays have formed the habit of "party every day", which prevents to rebuild the body in working mode. Alcohol consumption during the holidays to anything good, too, does not.

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However, the editors wish you good mood! The author of this open cliff Arnall admitted that his theory is a comic character. It was invented for travel companies, which have some decline in activity after the new year holidays. Psychologist have long ceased to work in this area, however, the proposal to arrange a holiday in "the saddest day" is perceived by many seriously.

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