Mom-vegans give birth to less savvy children

Vitamin B12 performs a lot of functions in the human body. Its presence plays an important role for normal brain and nervous system. Earlier studies have confirmed that children nedopoluchit this vitamin worse perceive and process information, i.e., cognitive functions of the brain reduced. According to the publication Medical Xpress, such children have the ability to solve puzzles and worse, they read the emotions of others.

In States where the consumption of meat, fish and seafood are minimized due to the low standard of living, in children there is a shortage of anti-anemic vitamin. In order to study among 500 Nepali babies infant blood samples were taken to determine the levels of vitamin B12. After five years, the researchers invited more than half of children from this group to undergo cognitive tests.

Low results of the assessment of memory, thinking and perception associated with shortage it zianokobalamina. Scientists have found a strong link vitamin B12 with brain function. Vitamin a deficiency affects brain activity. Subjects sharp shortage of the vitamin is not known, but its level is below normal.

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