"Molecules to lose weight" deceived biorhythms

Scientists from the University of Florida were able to synthesize several molecules with the ability to change the human biorhythm.

Moreover, the researchers emphasize that a simple change of biorhythm without dieting and exercise will help people with obesity lose weight. The synthesized molecules were able to change the biological clock in the hypothalamus in mice that subsequently led to a serious decrease in the level of cholesterol in them and the signs of hypoglycemia. The fat level in mice was decreased without any diet, fat mass went away by itself.

"Our circadian rhythms are really connected with the metabolism, which can be modulated using designed molecules," says study author Professor Thomas Barris.

Synthetic molecules on the experiments helped to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by 47 percent. They activated protein REV-ERBα and REV-ERBβ, regulating metabolism, so when the same amount of food, the animals were able to lose weight.

Necessary for the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates enzymes in the human body are produced in different volumes at different times, and change the biological clock can reduce the amount of splitting of fats enzymes. In this case the fats are simply eliminated from the body, not setting it as the consequence of not causing weight gain. Also, a change in biological rhythm affects the synthesis of its own fat in the body whose speed is not equal day and night, for example when the body is resting, a synthesis of the accelerates.

While the new "molecules for weight loss" have been tested only on mice, but scientists have argued that the principle of weight gain and metabolism of mice and humans are similar in many ways. Then open the scientists can find ways to treat obesity and diabetes.

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