"Molecule unhappiness in the brain of the person can be kept under control

In the UK, scientists have discovered that the human brain is a special molecule that is responsible for the development of anxiety, depression, negative emotions. "Molecule misery" - the so-called scientists substance that speeds up the allocation of CRF1 protein, affecting the emotional state of the person.

Science has long proven that the process of the pituitary gland, producing hormones that are affected by the stress of the person. However, researchers representing the company Heptares Therapeutics, specifically indicated that of all the internal cells of the pituitary gland for negative emotions is responsible CRF1.

After scientists have determined that it controls "molecules misery, they hope to create medicines for depression and anxiety. Fiona Marshall, who headed the study, says that according to statistics, currently the world every fourth person is suffering from depression and anxiety. You can now create a drug that would keep under control the allocation of CRF1 protein and anti-stress.

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