Molecular assay to diagnose latent development of sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis may develop at different rates. In any case, the disease develops gradually. Man not noted major changes and not recognize them as symptoms of the disease, writes "Remedium".

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is usually installed after serious irregularities in the functioning of the blood-brain barrier. Increases its permeability. This allows fibrinogen to get into the brain, causing a serious breach. OK this protein is found in the blood and ensures the formation of blood clots.

The accumulation of fibrinogen provokes an immune reaction that leads to damage of the myelin sheath of nerve fibers. In the end, impaired nerve conduction and symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Scientists of Institute of neurological diseases Gladstone airport believe that it is necessary to use existing knowledge about the disease for better diagnosis.

Research group proposes the use of a molecular assay for the diagnosis of latent development of sclerosis. The method is based on activatable cell penetrating peptide. Data protein has affinity for thrombin. Using colouring can be diagnosed particles of fibrinogen and thrombin in the brain for diagnosis. The data is already confirmed in an experiment on laboratory mice.

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