Modified polio virus will help in the fight against cancer

Scientists from Duke University reported that due to the polio virus can be overcome cancer. They have developed a new technique of therapy, during which apply to specific receptors of cancer cells, which attracts the polio virus. It should be noted that this uses specially created using genetic engineering form of the virus. It becomes safe for healthy cells, but is a threat for cancer. This discovery will help develop new treatments for glioblastoma is one of the most common and aggressive types of brain tumors.

In the preliminary study involved 7 people. The three of them had a positive response to therapy. One year after this study is one of three participants again ill with cancer. Two participants did not get sick. This is already a good indicator, because, usually, half of the patients relapse glioblastoma happen at the end of two months after the end of treatment in the usual way.

At the moment there are few treatments for this cancer, as not all therapies are able to attack the tumor and to overcome the blood-brain barrier. The new discovery will help to some extent to solve this problem. The modified virus destroys cancer cells without harming healthy. New therapy causes the immune system to attack infected with the polio virus tumor cells.

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