Modern techniques in aesthetic dentistry

Not surprising that dentistry now allows you to achieve much more than before. What is the main goal of this branch of medicine? Of course, the treatment of oral diseases. However, in recent years more and more successful it becomes such section, as aesthetic dentistry.

Its purpose is to restore or improve the appearance of teeth and the oral cavity. Some enough to make the removal of dental plaque and whiten the enamel and smile again becomes irresistible. However, in fact such of the lucky ones not so much. Significantly more patients who are in the dental chair, need radical methods of treatment. So dentistry in Moscow provides a multitude of services ranging from coverage crowns veneers and Lumineers and ending with implantation.

If the tooth is damaged, but to remove it there is no need, use one of the methods of prosthetics. The cheapest and most commonly used option - coating metal-ceramic crown. However, it is necessary to remove a significant layer of hard tissue, so that the crown was the same as the shape of the tooth. If you want to change only the appearance of the tooth, you can use the above veneers or Lumineers. This plate is made by exact impressions of the tooth, they are pasted on the vestibular surface to completely change the shape. The advantage is that their thickness allows you to fully preserve the existing hard tissues enamel and dentin. The color of the material for the manufacture of miniplates is selected in accordance with the color of existing teeth enamel. Thus achieve the effect of "stealth" of the prosthesis, and for many people, this question is the most sensitive.

Interesting way to restore the integrity of the dentition is implantation. Thus it is possible to prevent the processing of adjacent teeth, because the crown is covered with a kind of stump, implanted directly into the alveolar bone. Of course, the cost of prosthesis depends on the method and materials used. Implantation in this sense is not the best way to save money, however, if you calculate, how many times have to change your dentures for a while you could use one implant, frugality will not seem so wise. In fact, for about 15 years with the implant people may not worry about the health of the oral cavity. When the observance of elementary rules of hygiene, no difficulties will arise. When wearing the same denture in varying degrees of inconvenience will occur already in the first year of wearing.

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