Modern rinoplastica, its forms and nuances

This amazing procedure like rhinoplasty, has been known to man since ancient times. Born in India, plastic nose has gained the popularity in all the countries and continents of the globe. Of course, the surgeons of the past, pursued not only aesthetic but also practical aspect of this procedure is corrected birth, occupational injuries.

Modern rhinoplasty is a unique phenomenon in all areas of its manifestation, from the medical component (operation) - to, sort of, a designer (modeling with the help of special computer programs possible options for the future appearance of the patient).

Rhinoplasty - the diversity of nuances and shades

Over the centuries of its development, rhinoplasty has been continuously improved, reaching even higher and more fruitful results than at the last stage of its development. In the modern medical world is divided into the following types this procedure:

1. septoplasty is recommended for deviated septum, but the operative treatment of this problem it is recommended that in the case of global disorders of respiratory function;2. the so-called closed plastic - surgery in bone and cartilage of the nose is done internally, without major external incisions. However, the operation of such a plan requires a plastic surgeon maximum skills and knowledge, because you are actually "touch";3. open rhinoplasty by analogy is an outer cut surface of the soft tissues of the nose along the line of jumpers between the nostrils. After pre-detachment of the skin occurs intervention in bone and cartilage framework of the nose;4. in some cases, the required secondary rhinoplasty. It eliminates the problems that remained unresolved after the first stage of plastic surgery of the nose;5. if the patient does not want to radically change the shape of the nose (for example, deleting or "masking" hump), comes to the aid of rhinoplasty using fillers. However, the result of this procedure is short-lived, with time fillers dissolve. The length of this process depends on the quality of drugs and covers the period from several months to one and a half years old.

If the result of a process of comprehensive and deep thinking has become a firm decision to change your appearance, before its implementation, to assess all the possibilities and consequences. It's no wonder a wise man once believed that this world is not perfect, but only man has been given the opportunity over to him to strive to achieve it.

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