Modern restoration of teeth

Now society is experiencing a lack of faith in the reputation of a person, who for various reasons are missing front teeth. In General, the problem of tooth loss in this time very serious.

Modern technology in the medical field allow you to resolve such problems quickly and fairly painless for the patient. Because of such a trouble man while eating increases the load on adjacent healthy teeth, and this significantly affects the accuracy of the bite. If you are going to restore your teeth, then you need otvetstvenno to approach the choice of a specialist, since its operation depends how will look your teeth, give preference to experienced professionals with experience. Not unimportant in this matter what materials are used in the treatment of the teeth, they must be of high quality and meet all standards. Equipment also plays an important role in the treatment of teeth, modern equipment will allow to carry out any procedure less painful and more efficiently, for example to such equipment planmeca.

Previously the best and probably one out of unpleasant situations of tooth loss was installing bridges. Prostheses in the form of bridges were attached to the adjacent teeth, and when near the teeth were slightly damaged by disease, then the installation process of the bridge took place without problems and difficulties. It was easy to secure it between the teeth.

But if the teeth are near perfectly healthy, to use the old method is impossible. Invented the ideal way is the installation of the implant. The main advantage is the ability to install a new tooth without any damage of old teeth. This is a significant advantage raises the cost of this treatment. Also another feature is the ability to install many implants sequentially, to put them together, align the bite.

This procedure also allows you to install the implant in the place where the bone of the jaw. And the new development will not only set the tooth, but will restore the bone tissue.

The implant is made in the likeness of construction of the screw, which is screwed into a prepared hole in the bone tissue. The material from which made the implant is titanium. Using it allows you to avoid the various schisms and diseases.

During installation of the implant, the dentist makes an opening in the bone tissue and twists there a new tooth, then you need to put a few stitches on the gums, which can be easily removed after a week and a half.

And after a few months on a new implant is installed in a permanent metal ceramic crown.

For longer term work of the new tooth should be aware of the rules and methods of prevention and content of the implant. First, after operation it is necessary to unquestioningly carry out all instructions of the dentist and take all prescribed medications. And then just to maintain cleanliness of the oral cavity.

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