Modern people have been protected from HIV in the process of evolution from ancient people

Scientists have found that some people have innate protection against the HIV virus. On the eve of the assumption was made that this protection was formed in the process of evolution and was descended from the ancient people to modern man.

Today, scientists are busy analyzing the genetic material remains of the ancient people found in the denisovan cave. Scientists are trying to understand the processes of resettlement ancient man to predict which genes went to the modern man.

"Denisovan" people lived in the Altai about 300 thousand years ago. From them, the current people received 6% of the genes. Another 4% of the genes were obtained from Neanderthals.

HIV is a serious viral disease, which annually kills 1.5 million people. Russian scientists take an active part in the development of an HIV vaccine. By the end of this year they will present a prototype of the drug, which may revolutionize the idea of the treatment and prevention of this disease.

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