Modern older people have a better standard of living

Danish researchers conducted a study among older people. The number of participants amounted to 4.1 thousand people, 1905 and 1915 birth. The essence of the study was to determine whether there is a difference in the health status and cognitive qualities of the current elderly with their predecessors.

To do this, the volunteers had to pass a series of tests to determine physical activity, reaction speed, speech function, the presence of depression, the solution of logical problems and, eventually, independence in daily work.

As a result, testing has shown that ninety people nowadays are more active than those born 10 years earlier. Thus, born in 1900 people cope much better with daily activities, behave more aggressively, they are more savvy plus they have a higher level of education. According to scientists, this superiority is due to living conditions. Born in 1915, people had more opportunities in life. They had less stress compared to born in 1905, they are better fed and cared for the health.

Published studies University of southern Denmark contrary to the who. In recent publications, the world health organization has indicated that dementia among older people has increased significantly, in particular by 2030 are projected to increase 2 times.

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