Modern methods of treatment of impotence

Sexual relations are a vital component of anyone's life. That is why for many men diagnosed with impotence" sounds like a real sentence. However, modern medicine has a wide range of techniques for the treatment of sexual impotence, which can effectively fight this disease. The main condition for successful treatment is the correct determination of the causes of impotence. In some cases impotence in men can be caused such serious diseases as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, prolonged depression. In these cases, the elimination of impotence is only possible in the process of treatment of the underlying disease. In cases when you have to deal directly with impotence, there are two types of impotence is organic and psychological. In the first case will help modern clinic of urology. In the second case the patient needs qualified psychological assistance. Usually, this is enough for 2-3 sessions of psychotherapy, and also requires an understanding and from the partner. Organic impotence, due to the presence of those or other diseases of the genitourinary system and other organs and are more difficult to treat. The key is a clear identification and effective treatment of the underlying disease. In the most complex cases, it is necessary to apply methods of treatment aimed at the direct stimulation of erection. The most common drug therapies. These methods are based on the medications that cause the blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis. Today there are a large number of such drugs, the most famous of which is Viagra. In addition to traditional drug treatment of impotence may occur with drugs that are introduced by injection into the body of the penis. In any case, the medication must be agreed with the doctor that will determine the optimal drug and prescribe the dosage. It is possible to treat sexual impotence and more radical ways. One such method is the vacuum rectora therapy. The essence of the method lies in the effects on the penis of negative pressure that is created by using a special device. There are also surgical treatments. In this case, the penis goes in paraprofes. Modern falloprotezy allow you to return to the sexual life of a man even in the most serious cases. When the patient experiences minimal discomfort and live a full life.

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