Modern methods of teeth whitening

Beautiful, healthy, white smile is the proud owner of a reason to envy others. In the modern world there are many factors violate white and healthy teeth, such as coffee, tea, sweets, water, harmful habits. And is not the easiest thing is to restore a beautiful smile. Of course, now there are many ways to whiten your teeth, but this is not always available in financial terms safe for tooth enamel and not always effective.

In this article we will talk about safe teeth whitening, whitening without harm. Decide to start with those who you should not whiten your teeth, these are people who have sensitive or thin and worn enamel, have gum disease.

Types of teeth whitening are divided into professional whitening and at home.

It is believed that professional whitening, don't harm the health of your teeth as whitening at home.

Professional teeth whitening:

chemical bleaching is applied hydrogen peroxide, urea, and urea and chlorides. Using this method may result in irritation of the gums and mucous membranes of the mouth;

laser whitening - care whitening method. Based on the application of hydrogen peroxide on the teeth and subsequent actions on them carbon dioxide laser. Plus this protects teeth from caries development in the future;

- whitening - use special protective film, and then act on it by ultraviolet radiation. Active oxygen used in this way does not violate the enamel of the teeth, therefore is a safe method.

Home whitening

It should be remembered that even home bleaching, is undertaken only under the supervision of a specialist.

- toothpaste - whitening with the help of chemicals;

- gels: without mouthguard - form a protective film and safely whiten teeth;

with Invisalign - contain chemicals and can leave a burn mucous;

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strip - safe, but this method will take about a week

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