Modern methods of skin rejuvenation

At twenty You have the face, which is given by nature. What it will be fifty, it depends on You. (Coco Chanel), with regret, inexorably. Even with constant care and careful attention to appearance, it tries to leave marks on her favorite. We remain young and beautiful the longer, the more carefully and carefully treat our skin. We use a variety of tools, masks, creams, massages, and alienate most times when age-related changes will be visible and obvious, beauty and health are achievable, though not eternal. However, if this moment has come, or we accept the fact that inevitable, or accept radical methods of rejuvenation. You may want to learn more about the methods how to preserve the beauty and health. Cosmetology in our days, unbelievable as it seemed, but every year, as it sounds fantastic, the edges apart. And there is no limit to perfection. Modern cosmetology keeps armed with a lot of tools in the Arsenal to create for You a miracle, and make irresistible. To improve facial contour and refresh the skin, sushestvuut methods such as contour, thread lifting, biorevitalization, the introduction of fillers, chemical peels, laser resurfacing and much more. Beauty and skin health, things are inseparable. Healthy skin and looks beautiful.

As an example - pop stars who manage to look younger every year?


Today one of the most productive methods of rejuvenation. The active substance is introduced into the desired area, apply at the place of destination, starting the regeneration of tissue and by stimulating cell metabolism. Mesotherapy successfully struggling with problems such as acne, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, pigmentation, dermatitis, herpes, warts, hair loss, and herpes zoster.

Perhaps the only drawback is the process of the introduction with injections. Although needles are very thin and the penetration is to a depth of from 1.5 to 6 mm, yet all people have different pain threshold and for some patients, this procedure causes a lot of trouble. But the beauty is, it requires sacrifice. Combination of mesotherapy and the introduction of Botox, France received an excellent method to make young oval face at any age, called mezolifting.


It's a new turn in cosmetology. Method of rejuvenation is a name that speaks for itself. The procedure is performed using radio frequency radiation. To do this, use the device hermaCool, which increases the temperature in the subcutaneous tissues. The skin is tightened due to the influence of the fibre, which with age, relax and stretch, so they are compacted. Judging by the reviews, the result is fantastic. 35 you, or 55, the face will look younger. And this is without any surgery.

This method also provokes the emergence of new collagen fibers, the loss of which is the cause of skin aging. The procedure is done several times a year, it is expensive, but the result is worth it.

Choose carefully and carefully salon or clinic, ask about recommendations, reviews. It's your appearance! We wish health and beauty!

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