Modern methods of rejuvenation

Today there are many methods of facial rejuvenation. Each of these methods regenerates the skin and restores its elasticity. The procedure is completely painless and eliminates any possibility of injury. All methods are based on progressive, modern techniques, making it possible to achieve effective results.


One of the most common methods is plasma, which is a procedure through which it is possible to start the rejuvenation process of the human skin in a natural way.

This method is considered the most versatile, as it allows to solve many cosmetic problems. The procedure is as follows: processing of the patient's blood using a special vacuum tubes, applies the principle of centrifugation. Thus, the plasma restarts the update mechanism of the cells.

Changes in the skin can be seen after the first treatment: skin elasticity will increase significantly improves complexion, the aging process slows down, fade wrinkles and creases under the eyes.


Another effective method is the procedure that is performed in a special apparatus. The session only lasts 20-25 minutes, but the result will not keep itself waiting long. The bottom line: skin gel is applied, which increases the permeability of the light beam. Then this place is handled by flash.

This method is recommended to use after reaching 30 years of age, when they begin to appear the first wrinkles.


This method relates to injectable treatments for facial rejuvenation. The process takes about an hour and a gel that is injected into the skin, is viscous and plastic solution of hyaluronic acid.

This method would be suitable for all patients with decreased skin elasticity, for any reason, or has started the process of natural aging of the skin.

Method of mesotherapy

This method is based on the introduction of skin active agents, various vitamins, medicines and so on, the Composition of introduced substances selected individually, based on personal needs of each patient.

Enter drugs act within 5 to 7 days, at this time, the skin is regenerated and begins to absorb the necessary vitamins.

Actually there are many other methods for facial rejuvenation, which are no less effective than the above described. Each person should choose the procedure that, in his opinion, will be most appropriate and effective for him.

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